Saturday, April 2, 2011

From 1 to 3

It's our one week anniversary! How blessed we are!

I took all three kids out for the first time yesterday. The car seats are so squished together that we can't undo the seat belt for Eve's booster seat, so she has to slip under the already-buckled belt!

As we drove to the outdoor mall to play in the water fountain, I was trying to figure out how I'd get all three out of the car and to the fountain. I got a bit panicky when I pulled in the parking space (can I really do this?!). I got Eve out first, because she sticks with me. Then I strapped the baby carrier on and buckled Natty into it. Draped the diaper bag over my shoulder, handed the towels to Eve (who got bigger overnight--last Friday she looked like a baby to me, and by Saturday she was HUGE!), shut the door, went to the other side and got out Nickolas. (Or is it Nicholas? I can't tell because it's spelled different on different documents!). I have to hold his hand TIGHT because he's so excited ALL the time and loves to run. We were quite a sight. I loved being surrounded by kids, so many that I couldn't even hold all their hands and had to strap one to me! My cup overflows. It was beautiful.