Saturday, June 5, 2010

More new pictures and our lovely pet

It's watermelon season! Eve has been BEGGING me to buy a watermelon, and when i bought it she wanted to draw a face and then eat watermelon man's brains. I don't know where this morbid child gets these ideas...

We have a yearly tradition of waking Eve up in the middle of the night and going to IHOP. This is the best pic yet.
We got her some pancakes, and at IHOP they've got a zillion different syrup flavors. We asked Eve which she wanted and poured a few on for her, but she just looks at me and says, "I don't like these. I want the different one." She meant ketchup. Yes. So I gave some to her, thinking she'd try a bite and go for syrup instead, but I was wrong. She scarfed down the pancakes and ketchup with a BIG smile on her face. Jardan was disgusted: Jardan will eat anything other than ketchup, pickles, and mayo. ANYTHING--congealed lamb's blood, duck neck, rattlesnake and rabbit sausages, or even gulp down the traditional Filipino food of raw, half-formed chicks inside an egg...but not ketchup. It's nice to be able to gross him out once in a while!

And SURPRISE! We got a new pet. I tie it to a leash and take it for walks, and sleep with it right next to me on my pillow, and pet it, and kiss it, and love it. Who needs puppies or kitties or sweet little bunnies? I've got a nice big flying cockroach. It's like a bat, but cooler.

So, my friend and i were having a girl's night at my place, and she went to go to the bathroom. I'm in the kitchen, and I hear from down the hall, "Uhhh Aubrey! Something just scurried out of your bathroom and escaped." My heart starts pounding and I get a little queasy as I look to the floor. "Go put some shoes on, Aubrey!" I see it in the corner of the hallway, poised, ready to either strike or make a break for my room (p.s. we don't have a bed, we sleep on the floor on some blankets and a memory foam mattress topper....and our "bed" is right by the door to our room) like a ninja I leap into my room, fumble for the light chain hanging from my fan (it's late and dark, so it felt like it took an eternity to turn it on), and throw on my running shoes. I get into pouncing position, and wonder how I can smash it as it stares me down from it's strategic position in the corner. I go for it, but can't quite get it, and it sprints for our room. I let out a war-cry death scream (or a scream of terror??), and throw ALL my weight into three mighty stomps. I step back, adrenaline still coursing through me, and admire my handiwork. I feel like I just won a fight with Jason Bourne. Ha!! Of course I took pictures, so Jardan couldn't say that I exaggerated the size. It was huge. Almost as big as my deodorant.