Saturday, March 20, 2010


We got a recycling bin! (We've been lusting after recycling bins ever since we got married, and our landlord out of the blue gave us one yesterday! Dorky, but I'm so excited!) And I figured out how to use a HORRENDOUS policy manual on our state's website, so I've gotten a TON of info on Nutrition Assistance (food stamps) and Cash Assistance and am ready to start writing a paper for my class. Sooo happy! And my friend is applying for help from DES, and called me and I was able to USE my research and HELP HER! I felt so fulfilled.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful (for scared, dumb crooks.)

So someone broke into our apartment today. Weird part: I'm pretty sure they had a key. And no one that we know who has a key went in this morning (we do, the landlord, and the guy who does maintenance who's our friend). I came back from doing interviews for my project, and when i went to unlock the deadbolt, it was already unlocked. Which was weird, because I KNEW i locked it. We don't live in the best neighborhood, and there's also been some people camping out in the alleyway by our house. I also KNEW i had locked the back door, because after I locked the front door when I left, I walked around back just to make sure it was locked. So because the deadbolt was unlocked, as soon as I got in I ran into the kitchen to make sure that door was locked, but both the locks on that door were unlocked! So I ran outside and called Jardan, the landlord, and our friend who does maintenance to see if any of them had been inside, but they hadn't. (Didn't actually talk to maintenance, but his wife said he'd been gone allll morning.) Called the police, when they came they looked through everything, but no windows were broken and nothing was missing.

Not like we have much to steal. We do have a TV, but it was free and crappy and makes this loud buzzing noise, and when I saw it was still there I was almost sad. Haha! Other than that, my computer was out, and it was there still, too. Not sure what's up with this whole thing--maybe they got spooked?? I came home earlier than I was supposed to, so maybe they saw me pull up and left. I got done with interviews early, and was gonna go get Eve from preschool and hang out in her class for a while, but I had this strong feeling to go home, even though I'd only be there for, like, 5 minutes. So i went, even though i didn't know why I was going home at all.

We got robbed a few years ago, too. (Is robbed the right word??) We were out of town, and got back and our place was TRASHED. The best part: they were super dumb. Jardan had randomly decided to hide the computer, which we never did even though we'd been out of town a zillion times and left it out in the open, so they didn't get my computer. (Holy Ghost, thank you). But they did steal: 2 guitars--1 was broken, DVDs we'd bought in China that were prob. copies in the first place and half only played in Chinese, a broken clock, scriptures (haha!!), a broken computer, etc, etc. DUMB. I had my social security card and some credit cards out on the counter that they didn't take. Pretty sure they made off with the crappiest load of stolen stuff that anyone's ever stolen. Doubt they got more than $20 worth of stuff. We, on the other hand, got enough money from insurance to buy a new computer to replace the broken one they stole! Haha. I'm pretty sure we made money, and someone took our trash out for us. Thank you dumb crooks.

I'll post later with some pictures of the last little while.