Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rock Climbing!

We love rock climbing! We go with my cousin Ryan sometimes up to Camelback and climb the Monk, and it's awesome. It's kindof a scary climb, though, because you have to climb a little area to get UP to the rock that you climb, so when you're climbing up the Monk it feels like you're 200 feet up instead of just 100 because it's already on top of the mountain.

This is my nervous smile. Climbing and I have a love-hate relationship because I'm so afraid of heights :) I got 3/4 of the way up, and i heard some squeaking and all of a sudden TONS of bats flew out from a crack that was like 1 1/2 feet away from me. I'm not scared of bats, but i was so high up and nervous anyway that i kinda freaked out!

I think Camelback is the prettiest place in Phoenix. Love this view!
Jardan's lead climbing. He climbs up the rock to attach the rope to the top for the rest of us. There's hooks along the way that he hooks the rope into, but if he falls he'd fall like 15 feet before one of them would catch him. He's never fallen, though, but I hate watching this part!
Ryan working the ropes. He never smiles in pictures, so I was SUPER happy to get this one.

Hooray! Can't wait for all my siblings to come out so we can all go together!!


Anja said...

eew bats! I probably would have fallen off the rock! I can't wait to go climbing, Tim's excited too!

Sarah said...

I am SO IMPRESSED with how incredibly TALENTED and STRONG you are! And I would have peed my pants and fallen off the mountain with the bats. Yikes! I love you, Aubs!