Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthday and Halloween!!

This year Eve was LION for Halloween. She thoroughly enjoyed roaring at people and scaring Nana. And...I made her costume!! I couldn't have done it without Mom, who patiently guided me during the week-long process. I am ridiculously proud of myself. It turned out super cute, and fit her very well. Anja gave her this "spider bucket" for her birthday, which was fantastic and SO cute! Eve loves it.
The lion and the cowboy. Love the mustache.
This was on Eve's birthday. THREE!
We did a birthday party for her this year with a bunch of her friends! It was SO fun! We put together a treasure hunt (see above treasure chest, compliments of Dad), and at the end we had Zane hide in the trailer with the treasure, so when they opened the door to get the chest he screamed and jumped out. Unfortunately, he knocked Eve on the head as he jumped/screamed, so she started bawling, which produced a chain reaction and ended with a gaggle of sobbing kids. Too funny, but kindof sad.
Zane in Eve's new princess get-up.
Eve in her princess get-up. With a super-sweet dog that walks and barks! (in our defense, she was NOT a "birthday princess," she thinks a princess is a magical person, like a witch, but good. She doesn't think a princess is a "look at me, I'm the most important person in the world" type of person.)
We had the kids decorate giant cupcakes, but I think they liked the sprinkles more than the cake. We caught Eve and her friend eating handfulls of sprinkles and drinking them right out of the bottle. But it was funny, and it was her birthday, so we didn't say anything.

Happy third birthday, Evie! (or is that spelled Evey? I don't know. But she calls herself Eve-ee).


RonElaine said...

3! I can't believe it either - where DID the time go?

Have I told you how much I love your hair?

Love your sewing skills, very cute.

Miss you guys!

Anja said...

her spider "bucket" did have her name on it, right? I can't tell from the pictures but let me know if it doesn't b/c it's supposed to! BYW-her costume is adorable

laura said...

Good job Aubrey! Cute little lion!

Tara said...

So adorable!!! She is getting so big. By the way...GREAT job on the costume. It is so cute!!!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

wow i can't believe she's 3! i can't even imagine penny being 3...

that lion costume is rediculously cute! it looks professionally made by people in china! :) GOOD JOB!

Dave and Katie Anderson said...

I love that you made Eve her costume! You're such a great mom. P.S. I love your hair and glasses, very SASSY!