Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mom <3s Snakes

So Jardan, Eve, and I went on a walk a little bit ago, and on the side of the path I spied a snake! Thankfully it was dead. Jardan, being Jardan, picked it had just barely died because rigamortous hadn't set in and nothing crawly was on it. We looked at each other and knew what had to be done--seeing as my mom's FAVORITE things are snakes (she once found one in her yard and called EVERY family member to tell them). Jardan, with a mischeivious sparkle in his eye, carried it all the way home. We thought of SO many things to do with it--some more evil than others. In the end, we settled for the nicest thing we could think of because we ARE living at their house, and we don't want to be kicked out to the curb (this was an ACTUAL fear). Dad also told me that if mom has an anuerism, I'd have to change the diapers. Mom was on her way home from a trip to UT and got in around midnight. We had put the snake in front of the door, and--thank you rigamortous--its head was UP and it looked like it was watching you. It was seriously difficult to walk past it while setting up. We were nice and kept the porch light on, although we were (among other plans) going to turn it off and then flip it on when she was next to it...but our better judgement got the best of us. Above is the after-prank picture with Mom warily looking at it through the screen. She wouldn't get closer.

Just wait a minute for the video, you can't see much but you can hear her yelp and see her run (and hear her yell at me when she sees me standing there...with Jardan chuckling in the background the whole time).


lynsey said...

i can't get the video to work, but you guys are HILARIOUS! your poor mom!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

i think i would've beat you if you were my kids. :)

glad you liked the pumpkin cookies! that's why i had to give them all away to neighbors that same day b/c they're so tastey. (btw, i found out that they're a weight watches recipe and really low in fat and don't feel bad for eating more than you meant to! :)

Anja said...

You guys are so mean! I'm actually just glad that I wasn't there too!

Sarah said...

OH my gosh- the best part of that whole post was your dad telling you that you'd have to change your mom's diapers- HAAAA! Thanks for the great laugh, Aubs. I love you SO MUCH! P.S. I wanna come out to Phoenix next year and visit!

laura said...

seriously creepy! it's soooo big!