Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lesson Learned

My family and I decided to play Boggle on Sunday night. We haven't played it in a LONG time, but it used to be a family favorite. While looking for the directions, I saw a bunch of old, yellowing word lists, and I picked up this one, written by my mom. Can you find the word that doesn't belong? .......that's right: snook. I presented my finding to mom (who didn't even attempt to deny it was hers--totally her hand writing), and we ganged up on her: What does snook mean? We assaulted her with possibilities, while she ripped this out of my hand and tried to throw it away (I saved it, but got a big wedgie in the process) "Hey Mom! I thought I heard someone snooking around outside!" or: "My mind snooked away from me!" or perhaps "Would you take a snook at that?!" After some good laughs, I decided to look it up, just in case it really IS a word. Unfortunately, I found this:

1. Any of several chiefly marine percoid fishes of the family Centropomidae, especially Centropomus undecimalis, a food and game fish of warm Atlantic waters. Also called sergeant fish.

2. A gesture of defiance, disrespect, or derision.

I guess I shouldn't snook my mom.


Anja said...

That's pretty funny, I love that game! I know you & Jardan want to drive to Utah this weekend to help me move!!!! You have nothing better to do, right? It would be so much fun!

Sarah said...

Darn it that it really has an official definition. I prefer the making up definitions for it. Like Doug & I snooked last night ;) hardy har har and you'd never know what I'm talking about.
BTW- I am the Boggle Queen and I hearby challenge you next time we're together! I miss you tons, Aubs! Love yer guts! Muah!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

ha! that's so funny, we always think my mom is cheating on word games and stuff...but she's usually right. you look so cute in that pic below with little eve! and kudos to continuing your education! sometimes i miss the college vibe, but then i remember than i'm lazy and would rather craft instead.