Monday, June 22, 2009


Why do my pictures always load the OPPOSITE way I download them? So...this weekend we went to Washington for Jardan's brother's wedding! Almost his ENTIRE family was there--except his older brother (although his older bro's kids were there). SO FUN!
Here's an extremely cheesy picture of us.
All of our nieces and nephews, Jardan's parents, and Jardan's grandparents (who drove all the way from Canada!).
Jardan's older sister and her son at the wedding. He caught the garter (well, prettymuch fought a kid for the garter) :)
Jardan, Adriel (sweet suit, huh??), and Le'Andra

Eve and Annie the Bride!
Eve and two of her darling cousins
Some of the groomsmen and the groom--what handsome men!
Eve and a few of her sweet cousins again


Sarah said...

So fun! Yes, those are some pretty sweet suits :) I'm glad you had such a good time. About Utah, we'll be there the night of the 11th through 13th or 14th. It's flexible. We need to met up for sure! Let me know the dates you'll be there.

Anja said...

I LOVE Jardan's tux, those colors are so cool! Looks like you guys had fun!

Aaron & Jamie Myers said...

Those tuxes are incredible!