Friday, June 26, 2009

And some camping!

We're gonna play in the sprinklers!
Yes, that's a toothbrush suctioned to her head--good for brushing daddy's teeth!
And some camping pictures from a few weeks ago! It was SO much fun, we'll be doing more as soon as Jardan gets back (he's got a roughly 4-week job in LA basically continuing what he was doing in the fall).
This is my favorite picture of them!
Eve was THRILLED to have marshmellows for breakfast!
And her beloved Bongo. He loves to look at the fire.
Sunset. I know this picture is dark but the scenery is amazing! I forgot we were in AZ! !!!

Jardan, jardan, the coolest man

Dear Jardan,
In case you're getting homesick while working your job in CA, I put up this picture so you can count your many blessings (haha!). In more ways than one, you make me a better person (especially when you're in the same house as me)! :) I LOVE YOU!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Why do my pictures always load the OPPOSITE way I download them? So...this weekend we went to Washington for Jardan's brother's wedding! Almost his ENTIRE family was there--except his older brother (although his older bro's kids were there). SO FUN!
Here's an extremely cheesy picture of us.
All of our nieces and nephews, Jardan's parents, and Jardan's grandparents (who drove all the way from Canada!).
Jardan's older sister and her son at the wedding. He caught the garter (well, prettymuch fought a kid for the garter) :)
Jardan, Adriel (sweet suit, huh??), and Le'Andra

Eve and Annie the Bride!
Eve and two of her darling cousins
Some of the groomsmen and the groom--what handsome men!
Eve and a few of her sweet cousins again

Friday, June 12, 2009


Anyone else been through this or know someone who has? I had our baby 2 years ago and was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy...looking for someone else to talk to about it because I don't know anyone who'se had it and I'm facing some important decisions. I feel weird posting this, but feel free to leave a comment.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to sugar, so I'm trying to stop eating sugar-foods cold-turkey. After a month (how long it takes to break a habit), I plan to eat it sparingly, like some ice cream a few times a week. Seriously, though, this is SO HARD! I have these awful cravings and I'm just dying for SUGAR!! So I'm eating raw cashews (they're delicious), a LOT of apricots (for something sweet...I've eaten 2 today already), and drinking tons of water (Heather, if you're reading this!...). I'm sure it sounds like I'm exaggerating, but really this is hard!

I've got some pictures to post later from last weekend when Jardan, Eve, and I went camping. It was beautiful--just 2 hours away and there were forests of pine trees and birds and real dirt (not just sandy dust) and it smelled so good! It was amazing. But I have to get back to studying for now, I'm taking a great class on anti-slavery movements. It's pretty rigorous because it's only 5 weeks long, and we've got an impressive amount of reading to get done. The good thing is that it's really interesting! Thanks for listening!