Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally some pictures!

Finally some pictures! We've been slackers about taking pictures, so these are pretty old. Above: Jardan's favorite Sunday activity :)
Eve and her sweet friend painting themselves
At my parent's ward's Easter egg hunt. Eve couldn't get enough of the candy!

We went to a zoo a while ago with Eve and Zane. Eve thought it was AMAZING that there was a baby deer on her shirt AND one that she could pet.
Eve says, "Big owies!" (She thought they'd be sharp)


Jannie said...

I'm so glad you posted some pics! So cute! The picture of Eve painting herself just made me laugh - a little Aubrey!

Lindsay said...

love the body painting. nice, eve! try shaving cream sometime; my kids love lathering themselves in shaving cream and then getting sprayed off with the hose or playing in their little plastic pool. hope you guys are doing well. we need to play soon! love ya, lindsay

Arizona Nielsens said...

Eve is just too cute!! We need to get all of these girls together sometime soon. We're moving out to Salt Lake on June 23. We're sad to leave Phoenix... I'm especially sad to be leaving the heat!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable. It reminds me of my little sister. She loves mud and covering herself in it and then playing with the hose.

Dave and Katie Anderson said...

Aubrey, Eve is so beatiful! It's crazy to think I've never seen her in person. And you look great too! Are you guys still in AZ? We're still in Naperville and surprisingly we are loving it. We need to talk soon!

Sarah said...

Oh how I miss you so much, Abrey! And I'm surprised you didn't post the next sequential picture of you wearing a swimsuit and painting yourself w/ green paint right along w/ Eve. What a fun mom you are!