Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Year!

I know it's been a while since I've posted...busy new year! This is what I've been doing a lot this month--figuring out statistics! Agh! Good thing I have Jardan around :) Eve wanted to study with me before she went to bed. She's studying the children's Bible, I'm studying how to use SPSS.
First day of school. I can't believe January is so hot! Last year it was much colder, on avg. it's been about 12 degrees hotter this year...

Eve trying to be Harry Potter.

We went to the shooting range with Adriel, Annie, and Norel. Way fun and kinda scary.

Here's Annie and I being nervous.

I know I'm awesome. Don't mess with me.

Eve LOVES blueberries...
Hope you are all having a wonderful new year! :)


Anja said...

I love the pictues, all of them! I miss you guys!

RonElaine said...

we have pictures of Liah looking just like Eve - we call her the blueberry monster!

you are a babe for STILL going to school - I could barely hold out for my bachelors.

horray for J being home!!!

Libby said...

Aubs! I love your posts...life seems busy and wonderful. I can't believe you stilll haven't met Mark! Hope to see you this summer or sooner!!

Doug & Sarah said...

Nice guns, Aubrey!!! Hahaha! I mean, oh yeah, those metal things you were holding, too....

Wow, I'm glad to read those were blueberries and not your announcement that Eve is in the next appearance of Dawn of the Dead!!!!

Love you, babe!