Friday, February 20, 2009

Last Day

Valentine's Day breakfast...well...President's Day I guess. Eve and I had the flu all morning, and on Monday Jardan woke me up at like 8 am--which was weird because I thought he was working! He surprised me and told me he wasn't working, and made me a pink V-day love-fest. :)

Pink crepes (crepes are our fave) and yogurt...SO good. Especially after not eating for 3 days!!
On another note, today is Jardan's Last Day of Work. Yes, the economy has caught up to us, too, and he's lost his job. He's been a consultant, and the company he works for makes money on a contract basis, and unfortunately everyone's here we are jobless! Hopefully we'll be able to get out of our rental contract, and then we'll move in with my parents down the street. Jardan's applying to a few kinds of jobs--police departments are hiring in a few months, so he's turning in applications because they're starting the process soon (he's applying to all the cities around us that are hiring). He thinks the bootcamp would be fun (HE WOULD! Haha!). So we'll see how that turns out, he'd probablly do that until I'm done with school in another 1 1/2 years, then he's thinking about going to law school. I think he'd be fantastic! There are a lot of scholarships if you're going into non-profit or governmental work, which is what he wants, so we're hoping!! :) Wish us luck on this interesting transition!


RonElaine said...

What a sweet hubby, you have. Just melts my heart - good work Jardan.

Good luck with moving/getting a new job. We were there for 4 months last summer, it was a struggle, but a good one. Hope it turns out that way for you guys, too.

Child Family said...

Hi Aubrey! I didn't know you lived in Pheonix? I only live 5 hours from you!

Libby said...

wow, sorry to hear about the'll be in our prayers. way to go Jardan with the pink love fest (nice wordage Aubs, haha)

Sarah said...

Hey, Aubs! I'm sorry about the job stresses and everything. But hey, maybe you'll get to live out your cop fantasies ;) jk Hahaha....ok, mabye that was a little much for a mormon gal's blog...oh well, I don't care! I can't BELIEVE how big Eve is! Holy cow! She's so beautiful, too, just like her momma! BTW- totally random, but can you email me or tell me the name of the service program you did when you taught english to kids in China? The college-aged daughter of a woman I VT is interested.... Thanks, babe! Love ya!