Friday, February 20, 2009

Last Day

Valentine's Day breakfast...well...President's Day I guess. Eve and I had the flu all morning, and on Monday Jardan woke me up at like 8 am--which was weird because I thought he was working! He surprised me and told me he wasn't working, and made me a pink V-day love-fest. :)

Pink crepes (crepes are our fave) and yogurt...SO good. Especially after not eating for 3 days!!
On another note, today is Jardan's Last Day of Work. Yes, the economy has caught up to us, too, and he's lost his job. He's been a consultant, and the company he works for makes money on a contract basis, and unfortunately everyone's here we are jobless! Hopefully we'll be able to get out of our rental contract, and then we'll move in with my parents down the street. Jardan's applying to a few kinds of jobs--police departments are hiring in a few months, so he's turning in applications because they're starting the process soon (he's applying to all the cities around us that are hiring). He thinks the bootcamp would be fun (HE WOULD! Haha!). So we'll see how that turns out, he'd probablly do that until I'm done with school in another 1 1/2 years, then he's thinking about going to law school. I think he'd be fantastic! There are a lot of scholarships if you're going into non-profit or governmental work, which is what he wants, so we're hoping!! :) Wish us luck on this interesting transition!

Monday, February 9, 2009

On the Moral Purposes of Law and Government

Libby and Mark posted this BYU forum address by Dr. Robert George, who is a doctor of theology and professor of jurisprudence at Princeton University. It's entitled, "On the Moral Purposes of Law and Government." It was given on 10/28/08, and enlightened me concerning many specific questions I have had when considering my stance on the issues of same-sex marriage and abortion. I've really been torn over these two topics for some time now, and have spent a very long time pondering these things...and this is such a wonderfully developed argument that I think you should listen if you have time! You can find it on the BYU Broadcasting website ( and from there click on "find a talk" on the left side, then in the options put his name. Or this may work...I'm very bad at tech stuff though...
It's pretty long, but Jardan and I just listened for our FHE. Lemme know what you think!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Year!

I know it's been a while since I've posted...busy new year! This is what I've been doing a lot this month--figuring out statistics! Agh! Good thing I have Jardan around :) Eve wanted to study with me before she went to bed. She's studying the children's Bible, I'm studying how to use SPSS.
First day of school. I can't believe January is so hot! Last year it was much colder, on avg. it's been about 12 degrees hotter this year...

Eve trying to be Harry Potter.

We went to the shooting range with Adriel, Annie, and Norel. Way fun and kinda scary.

Here's Annie and I being nervous.

I know I'm awesome. Don't mess with me.

Eve LOVES blueberries...
Hope you are all having a wonderful new year! :)