Thursday, December 11, 2008

One class down!

I'm done with my first class of this semester! Just handed in the 20 page paper--it's a proposal, "Phoenix and Tempe Welfare Recipients and Postsecondary Educational Attainment." I have a crush on this paper; it's beautiful. Thanks to Jardan for getting 4 hours of sleep last night to help me revise this monster. It's a proposal you'd submit to the IRB and to foundations to get grants to study; here's part of my abstract:

"This study seeks to examine whether Arizona’s welfare policies and practices actively support the pursuance of postsecondary education among single mothers on welfare, the motives of such mothers in seeking higher education, and whether they feel supported by the local government. This research will bring to light the personal views and experiences of caseworkers and single mothers on welfare, situated within the larger framework of official policies and practices of Arizona."

Now I just have one more paper to write by Tuesday (should be interesting)...then off to the Jardan's parents' house for Christmas!! I'll post more pictures soon, like of Thanksgiving and a few other things...hope everyone has happy holidays!

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Libby said...

wow that sounded so professional! way to go Aubs. Have a happy happy holiday!