Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas--out of order!

We've had a VERY fun Christmas season! We got together with the Ferrin family pre-Christmas and opened presents. Then, the day after I finished finals (Wednesday) Eve and I flew to Spokane to hang with the Smiths. Jardan met us there on Friday, and we're all here for about another week. The first picture is Jardan (well, his butt) and Adriel (very scary) setting up the tree.
We've been snowed in almost the whole time we've been here because of the record snowfall! Here's Eve trying out grandpa's plow.

Annie (she and Adriel are getting married this summer) and I baked for an entire day, and here's the fantastic carrot cake we made...without Jardan's help, fortunately! Jean was cooking some delicious dinner, too!

My parents gave me the most beautiful leather laptop bag...this is actually the face I made because I was so overcome by its glory...

The best dad and the best Christmas shows!

Jardan got this drum from Mom and Dad and he hasn't parted with it since. Seriously.

Zane's reading "Make Way for Ducklings"...such a good uncle. She's missed him while we've been in Spokane!

Snowed in! Eve has four layers of clothes on, and it reminded me of "A Christmas Story." After dressing her, Jardan tried to sit her on the floor to put her shoes on, but she had so many clothes on that she just fell on her back because she couldn't bend enough to sit! She was stuck like an turtle on its back, and we couldn't help but laugh at her cries!

While in Spokane, Jardan's family watched Eve for a few days so we could get away (an early anniversary, which is actually on the 4th). The original plan was to go to Montana, but with all the snow we couldn't. We stayed downtown Spokane instead, and went out to eat, saw a movie (The Curious Case of Benjamen Button), and went ice skating. It was FANTASTIC weather and soo much fun to just be together ALONE because we've been apart for so long! Ice skating was hilarious, I love how everyone looks so dorky...except there were these 3 little girls in the middle who schooled everyone else--and they couldn't have been more than 10 years old!

We found a restaurant called Mizuna's that had an excellent atmosphere and phenomenal vegetarian food!

This one's for Austin...this sweater is SOOO CUTE! Christmas night she wouldn't let me take it off! She said, "Momma, just leave it." She's wanted to wear it every day since...I guess he knows her taste!

Our darling niece Jasmine opening a present. Norel (her dad) next to her, then Jean (Jardan's Mom), and Jarrel in the green.

She totally posed for this.

She threw her new princess barbies (from Jasmine) in this bag and carried them around all night. She went off to the computer room and played with them for about 1/2 an hour and wouldn't let ANYONE in the room.

Jasmine and Alex, her mom

Jardan and Eve pretending to play the Christmas ornaments that are mini-instruments. She thought this was SOO cool.
Hope all of you had an extraordinary Christmas! We love you guys!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

One class down!

I'm done with my first class of this semester! Just handed in the 20 page paper--it's a proposal, "Phoenix and Tempe Welfare Recipients and Postsecondary Educational Attainment." I have a crush on this paper; it's beautiful. Thanks to Jardan for getting 4 hours of sleep last night to help me revise this monster. It's a proposal you'd submit to the IRB and to foundations to get grants to study; here's part of my abstract:

"This study seeks to examine whether Arizona’s welfare policies and practices actively support the pursuance of postsecondary education among single mothers on welfare, the motives of such mothers in seeking higher education, and whether they feel supported by the local government. This research will bring to light the personal views and experiences of caseworkers and single mothers on welfare, situated within the larger framework of official policies and practices of Arizona."

Now I just have one more paper to write by Tuesday (should be interesting)...then off to the Jardan's parents' house for Christmas!! I'll post more pictures soon, like of Thanksgiving and a few other things...hope everyone has happy holidays!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Later in November, Mom, Dad, Jardan, and I went to a black tie event! It was so fun! Mom had these fantastic red shoes, but I didn't get a picture of them, so I'll take another later. There's a lot more to post, but I'm supposed to be working on my final papers right now! I'll do more later :)


My pictures downloaded in opposite order! There's so much to tell, though, so the bottom ones are from Eve's birthday: her first haircut, then opening presents, then trick or treating! She loved trick or treating, and for about a month after she asked EVERY DAY if we could go again! The next week we went to LA to visit Jardan, and we showed Eve the ocean again. She was very nervous and said, "Loud water scary! Cry!"