Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes I should be asleep!

I finally finished homework (in a roundabout way), so here I am at 2 am eating a milkshake and relaxing. The first is a picture of the lovely Ferrin Ladies at Kardyn's blessing...she's so beautiful!! The second is of us swimming...haha we can still swim here! (ok I'm not totally jealous, it's been above a hundred and I miss wearing sweaters and long sleeves). The last is how many bobby pins it takes to set off an airport metal detector! Coming back from Julia's wedding I kept my hair up, and I had SO MANY bobby pins from the bridesmaid up-do that the metal detector went off, and they had to search my hair! Sweet.


Anja said...

you last picture didn't show up! I'd like to see it though, funny story!

Libby said...

hahah. For some reason I can see the bobby pin thing happening to only you. Wish I could have been there for the early morn milkshake...I'm sure we've shared plenty of those in the past.