Tuesday, September 30, 2008


In case you can't see it, this says "Excellent! (with TWO underlines!) Very well done. Best exam in class." YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! This is my first exam of graduate school, my first graded thing, and, although I should be more humble, I did awesome! It was an exam in my Theories class (on Plato's The Republic, Aristotle, and various other readings like Mencius, who's pretty cool)....I wrote 11 pages...in 2 hours...I really don't know how I'm even typing right now because my hand hurt so bad! I got a 99% --so now I can slack off the rest of the semester and still get a B! HAHA just kidding! Like I could actually be NOT-OCD and do that. :)


Anja said...

good job! that's awesome

Doug & Sarah said...

Congratulations!!! That's great!!!!!!!!! And she/he didn't even mark you down for your penmanship! Jk, love ya, have to jibe the perfect person somewhere. Love you, Aubs!

Jannie said...