Monday, August 11, 2008

New home, new school, new bathroom!

Wow! A lot's been happening! We moved recently--across the street to a less-expensive apartment. It's nice and homey, a smaller community and great neighbors. Cockroaches are a drawback, but I've only seen 1 live one (cross my fingers!!), so I'll buck up and stop being a wuss. I'll put up some pics of the new apartment once it's in "working condition." I'm also getting ready to start school in a few weeks, and there's been an unbelievable amount of work to do! It's exciting, though, so I'm trying not to stress. Jardan and I also celebrated our birthdays! He's now a quarter of a century old and I'm only a year behind :) We had lots of fun: suprise breakfast, a trip to an observatory, lunch with Dad, driving mustangs, cake and cracker pudding (Jardan had cracker pudding because he's not a huge fan of cake--Thanks Mom!!). It's been a great few weeks! Also, our upstairs bathroom finished a few weeks ago, so I'm posting pictures because I think it's so pretty!!! !! ! Sad that we can't live in it after alllll the work we've done upstairs! Hopefully someone wonderful buys or rents it soon so they can enjoy it as much as we'd like to!