Friday, July 4, 2008

Our Utah House for sale!

We still own a house in Provo, and we've been re-doing it. It'll be complete next Tuesday, and we're beyond excited!! We've cleaned up and planted in the front yard, painted, and re-done the bathrooms (among many other things). Here's a pic of the downstairs bathroom, which looks AMAZINGLY better than it used to. It has new fixtures, new sink, new paint, new flooring (linoleum), etc. The upstairs one is almost done, and it's gorgeous--newly tile floors & bathtub surround, glass block window, new fixtures, new paint. I'll post a picture next week! ...too bad we're doing all this AFTER moving out! Oh and if any of you know someone looking to buy in the Provo market, let us know--we just reduced the price to sell it faster! (it's a duplex)


Anja said...

Looks great! Hopefully you can get it sold quickly!

Roni said...

Aubrey, I know that Kimberlee and her husband are looking for a house. I'll point them in your direction!