Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rock Climbing Adventures!

Mom and Dad were WONDERFUL enough to watch Eve for us, so Jardan and I took off Friday afternoon and went camping/rock climbing! It was nice to see that AZ really can be beautiful! We had so much fun! Jardan definately has less inhibition than I do when it comes to HEIGHTS (compare him to me desperately clinging to the rock face).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cute Eve and Ugly Spider

This is Eve holding hands with her friend Aliyah at the zoo. They are so darling together!
Eve LOVES Mom and Dad's hose.

We found this huge, disgusting spider on Mom and Dad's house! Jardan caught and we put it in a jar--its legs were as wide as the jar! SICK.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Early Birthday Present for Aubrey

Since we're not going to UT this weekend (as we had planned), Jardan and I decided to go ROCK CLIMBING/camping! We've gone climbing before, but always with borrowed gear, I didn't have any. So...we needed to buy me some gear. AMAZING. I love it! I got some shoes (Red Chilis, they're gorgeous), a harness, and a few misc. things necessary to rock climbing safety. A large purchase, but well worth it! We're both extremely excited to get back into the rock climbing game (I've been working out my forearms at the gym--can you tell how bulked up they are? I'm intimidating, I know).

Memorial Day!

For Memorial Day we went with my family to Prescott! It was amazing--there was a FOREST and it smelled like pine and real nature, and it was nice and breezy. I couldn't get enough of it. We rented rowboats for about an hour, and Eve loved it, she was asleep within 15 minutes (she hasn't slept cuddled up to me since she was a newborn!). Of course Zane loved the lizards, and when he caught this one we were all shocked that it had such beautiful colors on its stomach! (And that it matched him perfectly.) It was just a normal brownish color on front; you'd never know. All in all a FANTASTIC Memorial Day! Hope yours was as stellar as ours :)