Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A thought I'd like to voice

I know I don't usually "blog," but I've been thinking about this for several days, and I don't agree with this...and since I'm home alone, I'm voicing this HERE :) I've often heard the Relief Society referred to as an auxiliary organization within the Church. First, auxiliary has a few meanings: giving support; serving as an aid; helpful. Also, an organization allied with, but subsidiary to, a main body of restricted membership. Of course the Relief Society gives support and aid to others, but the priesthood organization gives support and aid to us, too. So, if we're only going by that definition, priesthood organizations would also be termed "auxiliary" (which they're not). So, it seems like people generally mean the second. It's been said time and again by prophets and apostles (who are specifically speaking about the role of women) that women are equal partners with their husbands, and in no way are they subordinate to them (subordinate basically=subsidiary). Also, Joseph Smith said "The Church was never fully organized until the women were thus organized." (Story of the Organization of the Relief Society, Relief Society Magazine, March 1919, p. 129) While I'm aware that the priesthood presides within the Church (which to me prettymuch means they receive revelation for the Church and its members, but I'm open to correction), that does not mean that they are "above" women or more important...from reading the apostles' and prophets' words, it seems to me that Relief Society is essential to the Church, and essential to the Church's ability to fulfill its mission. Also, men and women need one another for salvation, with neither being subordinate to the other (or of less importance than the other). I'm confident that R.S. is not simply a help to the priesthood or subordinate to the priesthood organization, and also that it's not just an added-on benefit of the church, but Relief Society is necessary to the Church. I know this might seem kindof silly to think about for so long, but I believe it's important to think about in order to understand women's responsibilities/roles as well as the responsibilities of men. People who term it as such may not even mean auxiliary in the way I think, but if we are to value one another as we should, we need to speak in a way that shows that. Since these issues can be confusing, especially for women, I thought I'd write my thought down: Relief Society is not an auxiliary organization. Thanks for listening, guys :)

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