Sunday, October 21, 2007

I forgot these cute San Francisco pictures!

Eve with Alcatraz in the background

Jardan was trying to get her to jump, and she kept shaking her head! "NO WAY!" So funny.

San Francisco and Oregon

This past weekend the Arizona clan met the Eisenbrants (Tim, Anja--my sister, and Chase) in San Fracisco. Our first stop was Alcatraz, where we went on an audio tour. I was subjected to several audio tours as a child (Amish country, Gettysburg), but this one was AWESOME, I highly recommend it. We spent time on fisherman's warf (amazing clam chowder), Ghiardelli Square (Jardan gave me his free sample of chocolate), and just exploring the city. Jardan and Dad went home on Monday, while Mom, Zane, Eve, and I went with the Eisenbrandts back to Oregon. It was beautiful! We always forget that it's not actually summer anymore.
Dad and Zane on the ferry over to Alcatraz

Jardan, Eve, and I went on an adventure across the city while everyone else went to an aquarium. Eve is a monkey and she had fun climbing the walls at this Chinatown park we stopped in.

This was at the Aquatic Park in San Francisco. COLD WATER, but Eve didn't mind because she enjoyed the sand and the splashing.
This is a funny face she makes when it's sunny outside.
When we got to Oregon we went on a hike to see the salmon jumping upstream. SO BEAUTIFUL! Fall is my favorite time of year, it was wonderful to go!

Anja found a salamander on the way, and we carried it for like half an hour in my camera case till we could show it to Zane. It was WAY COOL--the top was brown and the bottom was orange. Zane didn't want to give it up, and it took him 20 min to say goodbye.
Eve carried this leaf for a LONG TIME, despite her frozen fingers. She loved it.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fall is here. It's 95 degrees.

We found this sweet outfit at Mom's house. She looks like a senile old woman!

Her favorite place to be--the fridge.
Eve in her toboggon.
We went on a trip a few weekends ago with Mom, Dad, and Zane. We visited Kartchner Caverns--very beautiful, but we couldn't bring cameras. The next day we went to the missile silo, which everyone loved, esp. Zane!