Thursday, July 19, 2007

On our way back from Canada we saw these--they were only about 10 feet away!
This is Eve's cousin Jasmine feeding her. Jasmine's the newest niece in the family, because Norrel (Jardan's brother) just married Alex, and on the 6th of July the papers went through for him to officially adopt Jasmine. She's 3 years old and SO smart!!
Le'Andra, Jardan's sister, Jasmine, and Eve
Zane is rubbing off on Eve :)
The day Dad got back into town, Jardan shaved his hair to look like Dad's--the horseshoe! It's hard to see (the picture was taken at night) but SO FUNNY! He walked around all the next day and got some funny looks.
While we loaded the U-Haul she slept in the laundry basket
She looked out the plane's window for like 10 minutes!
Grandpa and Grandma Smith
Kissing cousins! This was at Jardan's family reunion in Canada. The little girl's name is Leah (Jardan's cousin's daughter), and the two of them kept kissing!!
These are some of Jardan's cousins who are my age!